Female Ejaculation

So, we all know about male ejaculation and have been talking about it for ages. But what about female ejaculation? Most of us still consider it as a myth or a taboo. But the truth is female ejaculation does exist and is a crucial part of the female sexual life cycle. If one needs to understand the whole scenario than should think beyond the mystery aspect of it and consider it a scientific physiological process. Let us unfold each and every individual aspect of female ejaculation so that the idea process could become clearer.

What is female ejaculation?

Female ejaculation is associated with female sexual arousal as well as the organism.

  • Ejaculation is the fluid which is a combination of prostate fluid and urine. Although this is also the truth that this is not always related to organs and not all women will necessarily experience it.
  • So, in the broader term, we can say that this is not always an indication of peak or vice versa.
  • As a common term of use female ejaculation is also used interchangeably with women squirting.

Not much has been studied or researched about the whole process, biology and psychological experience that a female feels during the act. But with increasing cases of female displeasure and infertility it has led to raised eyebrows and concern among the medical fraternity causing intense development in the field in past few years.


The sudden release of fluids from the urethra at the time of sexual gratification is considered as ejaculation. As urethral duct contains urine too, hence this fluid also contains urine.

  • The context of it could be broadly divided into the squirting fluid which is usually appeared in squirting sex or the process of highly localized stimulation of external sexual organs. This is clear and usually in larger quantities.
  • On the other hand, other form is the ejaculating fluid which is thicker and have been found to be similar to the prostatic fluid as in males too.

This type also contains prostate-specific antigen which closely resembles semen. Most parts of the fluid have discharges from the gland of the urethra as well as the Garter duct. This area is commonly termed as the G spot. That is why the external stimulation of this spot is called squirt sex as lead to squirting orgasm.

Is female ejaculation real?

In the past few years, we have been become open to the discussion towards the understanding of the female sexual act. The scientist has now explored much-hidden knowledge regarding the deeper aspect of the process. This has been now welcomed as an original fact and truth. The couples are now eagerly engaging in better knowledge so that they could become well versed in what needs to be explored.

Recent studies showcased participant squirting in peak time and later examined through various tests including ultrasound as well as laboratory tests. This very well establishes the fact that female ejaculation is a real phenomenon. But these studies have also found that not all have experienced it during the due course of action. It came out that only 50 to 60 percent of female was actually having female ejaculation.

Significance of female ejaculation

Many questions arise in mind that why do girls squirt or do it contain any of the health benefits. In this article, we have already explained many scientific and physiological details of it. The scientist has not as such found any of the prominent health benefits of the ejaculation in female but it has one particular benefit related to the psychological well being as an individual. This has been coming forward in many other findings and clinical trials as well.

  • Female ejaculation is associated with the moment of the peak which leads to the release of many happy and relaxing hormone-like oxytocin.
  • These are also known to be natural stress buster or painkillers. Hence females who tend to face squirting or ejaculation within the sexual act are the ones who havea better relationship with their partners.

The following could be the proposed benefit of it which may be experienced directly or indirectly. These may include relieving stress and pain during the period cramp or dysmenorrhoea. Relieving tension headaches and lowering blood pressure. On top of it, this boosts up the confidence of both the partners.


After analyzing the bits and pieces we can say that there is no taboo in experiencing squirting and it is an absolutely normal phenomenon. Although many cultures and societies have not been openly discussing or rather giving importance to it, we can say that proper knowledge harnessing can clear unnecessary doubt that appears in the mind of many females.

Although complete information is yet to be pinned down or explored by scientists whatever has been known is well enough to establish it as a reality that female experience during the sexual act.

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