Vigora 50 Mg

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General description

Due to imbalance lifestyle, people are prone to several health issues mainly related to sexual activities, heart problem, etc. Vigora 50 is the best medicine for sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction among males its also helpful in pulmonary arterial hypertension. You can buy these medicines online by considering the reviews.

What is Vigora 50 mg

Vigora 50  important constituent is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. Which help to relax the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood to the active organ of the body such as penis, lungs, and arteries of the heart. this pills for man is useful during intercourse by increasing the blood flow in the penis causing hard and erect for a long period of time up to 2 hrs.


This is a prescription medicine taken after consultation by your doctor. It is easy to take one can take it along a meal or immediately after the meal. You should not stop it immediately without consultation with your doctor. As it’s easy to take but should avoid taking it with alcohol and grapefruit products causing reaction with vigora may lead to side effects.

Drug interaction

Phosphodiesterase-5(PDE-5)inhibitor relax the blood vessels in the penis and increase the flow of blood which increase the time period of sexual activity up to 30 mins to 2 hours approximately by maintaining hard erect penis during intercourse. We recommend you should not be taken by the one who is suffering from diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, thyroid problem, chronic bladder infection and allergic to sildenafil citrate. Vigora 50 should not be taken along antifungal medicines, antidepressant, blood pressure, hepatitis c, HIV/AIDS medication and with some antibiotics

Side effects



Bloody and cloudy urine

Change in vision

Painful urination

Prolonged and painful erection





Bloody nose

Availability of Vigora

One can buy this anywhere in the world. You can easily get Vigora 50 mg for man in any country; you can buy Vigora 50 mg in the USA a big country or in any other small place. Vigora 50 mg in the USA is considered as one of the most effective remedies. The ease of availability makes Vigora 50 mg for men in the USA an amazing choice.

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Where to Buy?

Well, we recommend you should buy this tablet from our store: Buy Vigora Online 


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Is Vigora 50 safe?

Yes, the tablet is safe. As no major side effects of the tablets are seen, the medication is considered is to be safe. Though there are a few side effects seen in people using it that may vary from user to user. The few of the side effects are flusing, body pain & back pain.

Vigora How long does it last?

Usually, this tablets last up to 4 hours but it completely depends on your past medical history, physical strength, relationship, or other external factors before you take the medicine we recommend you consult with your ED specialist or doctors.

How much does Vigora cost for 1 pills?

Just start $0.64/Pill.

Can we take 2 tablets of Vigora

Never, You can’t take 2 tablets at same time may cause side effects.

Additional information

Generic Brand

Sildenafil Citrate


50 mg

Pharma Form



German Remedies


Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Pack Size

120 Tablet/s, 180 Tablet/s, 200 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 96 Tablet/s


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