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General description

Erectile dysfunction can cause a lot of stress in males. The inability to perform in the heated moment of sexual intercourse haunts many individuals.

Since ages researchers are working to find out the reason for erectile dysfunction, but it is more of an unsolved enigma that is haunting even best of the scientific pool. Even in the 21st-century people do not consider discussing this issue with others as it brings embarrassment.

So suffering apprehensive and getting reprimanded by the partner was the only option left but not anymore. With a year of dedication and unmatched knowledge in medicine, scientists have developed few drugs available allowing outperformance. One of the most popular drugs among all is Vidalista40

Vidalista- what is it?

It is a drug commonly used for helping cases of erectile dysfunction. It let you enjoy the independence of having sexual intercourse and break the glass ceiling of social embarrassment.


The annoying enzyme called PDE5 is the real reason behind your problems. It decreases the supply of blood to the pennies hence causing a reaction failure. This is the time when you need Vidalista 40mg pills.

So it is oppressing the action of PDE5 and takes away your pleasure and this is the time when Vidalista 40mg India use becomes amazing.


Centurion laboratories vidakista40 has been the most famous version in the market. People in the laboratory work tirelessly to treat conditions like erectile dysfunction. It contains Tadalafil.

Does Vidalista Available Different Dosage & Strength?

Use of Vidalista

Not only erectile dysfunction Vidalista 40mg cures a few other diseases also.

Secondary indication

Vidalista 40 India is used for pulmonary hypertension and benign hyperplasia of prostate.

How to take Vidalista40

Before deciding on the dose factor, the most essential thing is to consult the doctor first.

The pill is usually taken orally, mostly once in a day. A single dose just half an hour before intercourse can keep erectile dysfunction abates for 6 hours.

Never grind or cleave the drug tablet and take it as a whole with water.

How Vidalista 40 do works?

The main mode of action is the vasodilatation process, which basically increases the flow of blood t the penis and flaccidity of the organ is gone. It stimulates the nerve impulse in the penile region, thus increasing the erection.

Vidalita40 side effects

As per the Vidalista 40 reviews, everyone does not experience the side effect of the drug but those who suffer the adverse effect most probably due to overdose may disparage the drug.

Let us see a few side effects of Vidalista

Mild issues

Headache, redness of face, neck or chest and flu-like symptoms and pain in muscles, most of them are either due to allergies or overdose.

Severe issues

This may include distended eyelid, retinal occlusion, and vision loss.

And last long and painful erection. In all these cases you should rush to the doctor soon.

How they interact with other drugs

People taking the following medication should be cautious.

Nitrates and alpha blockers

HIV medicine ritonavir, lopinavir or ritonavir and antifungal drugs

Pulmonary hypertension medication and epilepsy drugs like carbamazepine, phenytoin, or phenobarbital.


Women should avoid taking it, men above 18 years old should take it only after prescription.

Take it with water don’t blend with food items.

Always check before buying and buy from a trusted store.


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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

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