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General information

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction always feel humiliated by the partner and society as well, this lead to low self-esteem in them. Since the ancient time, it has been a real issue among communities and researchers worked really hard to combat it.Vidalista10 is one such solution which can pump up the confidence back in you.

Description and chemical composition

It is vidalista tadalafil tablets 10 where the active ingredient is tadalafil, this is the similar drug component which is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscles present in the arterial wall of the penis hence improving the flow of blood to the sexual body part. This makes drugs most efficient in treating the cases of erectile dysfunction in men. Vidalista 10 belong to the class of drug which inhibits the functioning of enzyme PDE5. It prevents the breakdown of cGMP hence increase blood flow and erection occurs leading to an increase in the libido of men.


Vidalista10 is manufactured by this centurion laboratories Ltd, where the workers work efficiently to provide best-finished drug product to the user. Vidalista10 centurion laboratories are the most effective in treatment. You can buy vidalista 10 online also.

Does Vidalista Available Different Dosage & Strength?

 Uses of vidalista 10

Vidalista 10mg is mostly used in the cases of erectile dysfunction primarily. But evident vidalista 10 reviews also come where it is used for treating cases of benign hyperplasia of prostate and pulmonary oedema.

Dosage and how to take vidalista10

Dosage of the drug is dependent on the current state of the body, also the deciding factor is the prescription of the doctor.

Consumption of the pill should be done half an hour before sexual contact, the effect may last up to 6 hours.

Always be caution over the methodology of taking medication, never mix it with food items, do not blend or chew it just swallow with water as a whole.

 Side effects

Vidalista 10 reviews show the success story of the drug but still, it can create ill effects on those who overdose or are allergic.

Mild problems

Headache, redness over face and chest, diarrhoea

Severe problem

Erection for a long period of time, blurring of vision, retinal occlusion, distended eyelids and complete loss of vision and hearing as well.

Drug interaction

Although the drug is a safer one but still, people must be cautious of taking them with other drugs like

HIV medicines, Antifungal drugs, pulmonary arterial hypertension drugs, and other epileptic drugs


Only adult men above 18 years should consume the drug. It is strictly restricted for females.

It is not an antidote or precautionary drug for either pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Have a consultation with the doctor and ensure regarding the safety.


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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

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