Silagra 50 Mg

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General Description

The changing of lifestyle has led to many terrible issues amongst people. The problem of erectile dysfunction also known as impotency is getting a major cause of unhappy relations. This problem is also leading to infertility. The tablet majorly known as blue pill is taken by men for pleasurable sexual intercourse. The problem can arouse due to aging, obesity, lack of nutrition, physical work, and physiological states such as depression, stress, anxiety, etc. However, Silagra 50 MG treat your erectile issue just  30 to 40 minute.


Keeping this into account many big and small companies and their research team has been working to find out the solution to this problem. Cipla Silagra 50 is one such medicine that allows the solution to the problem of impotence. Let’s Check full description


Many companies have found the solutions but one of the best solutions available in the market is Silagra 50 mg Cipla. Cipla uses the formula of the natural Viagra and thus makes this effective tablet.

Silagra 50 mg dosage

Silagra 50 mg(Sildenafil Citrate) can be taken on the advice of an expert. It is generally taken once a day or as directed by the specialist. The whole tablet is taken and swallowed without breaking. It can be taken with food also. Usually, Silagra 100 MG dosage is good for men age between 18 to 65 years.


What is Silagra 50 Used For

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Psychological Problems & Fears
  • Sexual Troubles
  • Sexual Stimulation
  • Hypertension
  • Benign Hyperplasia of Prostate


Silagra 50 mg how to use?

The pill can be taken for some issues such as impotence, hypertension, etc. The pill is taken anytime and has an effective time period of 4 hours. There are a few side effects such as nausea, breathing problem, swallowing issues, dizziness, etc.


If anyone sees any of these issues then they must see a doctor urgently. Also, the user should not take alcohol while using this. The general query of How to use Silagra 50 mg is asked very often. One must visit a doctor for detailed advice. The reviews obtained from the user have mentioned the efficiency of the pill, so we can say that it is a safe treatment. Also change in habits and routines can help in getting amazing results.


Is Silagra 50 safe?

Yes, Silagra 50 (Sildenafil) 100% safe.

Can We take 2 pills of Silagra?

Never, you can’t take 2 Silagra tablets know more detail so you can consult with your family doctor

 Who should not take this medicine?

Below 18 year & women

Additional information

Generic Brand

Sildenafil Citrate


50 mg

Pharma Form



Cipla Inc


Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Pack Size

120 Tablet/s, 180 Tablet/s, 240 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s


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