Biocaine 2% Injection

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General description

The basic salt component of the biocaine injection is an anesthetic agent lidocaine that has the power to numb the area by cutting off the nerve electrical impulse. Hence it blocks the transmission of pain. The basic salt component is widely used in various institutions for surgical as well as nonsurgical treatment. It is used in many forms injections, cream, jelly, ointment, and biocaine 2% gel, etc.


It is available n the market as biochem biocaine 2% injection as manufactured by biochem pharmaceutical industries


Biocane 2 % injection is used as local anesthesia in surgical procedures. In some cases, it is used as the topical agent on the skin to reduce the effects of several skin conditions that produce intense allergic reaction or pain. These may include burns, bites eczema etc. This may be also used for benumbing the genital or anal region in cases of haemorrhoidal pain. The injection is used in dental procedures also


The dose of lidocaine biocane 2% injection shall always be described by the physician and one must take as recommended.

If using in the topical form one must always go for the patch test first

Usually, the injection is administered right before the starting of the procedure if used for the surgical purpose or if used for general relief than dose may vary from once or twice daily but only on the advice of a specialist.

Side effects

The side effects are minimal and are linked with few symptoms like abnormal sensations, site f injection may pain and swell and skin redness most of the symptoms are self-limiting.


On must inform the doctor first if had any allergic reaction episode in the past from the salt component

Always take the consultation of the physician if having diseases like diabetes, hypertensive, any history of major chronic disease or infections.

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Generic Brand




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Biochem Pharmaceutical


Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

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