10 fastest ways to cure male impotence

ED today has become a major hindrance in the intimate lives of men. It is projected that by 2025, around 320 million men would be affected by impotence, worldwide. Men of all age groups- young, middle-aged, or old, suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. There can be several physical and mental causes for ED, such as smoking, alcohol or drugs, a certain health condition, sedentary lifestyle or obesity some kind of medicines, depression, stress, trouble in relationships, etc.


Although Erectile Dysfunction treatments include surgery and medications, there are other ways of curing ED by noninvasive methods. It was found in a study in 2014 that ED can be reversed with healthy lifestyle changes like weight loss, healthy lifestyle, exercise, and good sleep.


Below is the list of medical as well as natural ways by which you can cure ED:

  1. DRUGS

Medications are the first treatment anyone would prefer for treating impotence. More than 80%of men find drugs successful for themselves.  These drugs are called PDE5 inhibitors and are approved by FDA.  They work by increasing the blood flow to the penis.



Penile injections are administered directly into the penis to trigger an automatic erection. For men who can’t take oral pills, penile injections are the most effective treatment with a success rate of 85%. The erection may last for approximately 4 hours.



The next most common treatment for ED is the vacuum pump method with a success rate of 75%. Through this method, a plastic cylinder is placed on the penis and the air is pumped out of it, forcing the blood flow into the penis.  You get a long-lasting erection with the help of the elastic ring that is placed onto the base of your penis.



Men with an unnaturally low level of testosterone can be cured with male hormone therapy. Although this is not an approved treatment for ED, it can be helpful to increase the desire for sex. Hormone therapy with patches, injections, or gels applied to the penis may improve mood and sex drive, but it is not likely to fix any mechanical issues in the penis.



Depression, performance anxiety, stress, and poor relationship can negatively affect the erection, ejaculation, and sex drive in men. Sex therapy, individual therapy, and couple therapy with sexual health professionals can prove to be helpful.


Exercise can have a great impact in actively treating ED. It helps reverse the impacts and combat the development of ED. A good blood flow is important to get an erection and exercise does the work for you. Testosterone levels can be increased by doing weightlifting exercises.



The diet you intake can have a direct impact on all major functions of your body, including Erections. To avoid ED or to improve the condition once it becomes a problem, you should start taking a diet which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish

Taking a healthy diet can also balance the bodyweight as obesity is also a cause of ED and can increase the risks of hear-diseases, diabetes, and other vascular diseases that are potential causes of impotence.



Studies have found that good sleep can improve the levels of testosterone and contributes to a better sex drive. On the other hand, a poor sleeping pattern can disturb the internal body clock and lead to erectile dysfunction. Improving your sleep pattern can regulate your hormones and eventually help in treating ED to a major extent.



If ED is a result of vascular disease, quitting smoking is a good option for you. Blockage or narrowing of the arteries as a result of smoking causes a reduced blood flow to the penis leading to impotence. Even smokeless tobacco is harmful to a person suffering from ED.



Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and as a result, nitric oxide (a chemical that is responsible for causing and maintaining erections) is not released, leading to less efficient functioning.

Both smoking and alcohol can cause temporary and long-term erectile dysfunction. If you are finding it difficult to quit, you can seek medical help.

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